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How to Make an Epoxy River Table

Have you seen gorgeous epoxy resin tables? They are very popular at the moment but you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them when it’s not too hard to make one for yourself. This isn’t too hard as long as you use the correct techniques.

Read on to find out in detail how to make an epoxy resin river table and learn some of the best tips from the professionals. A beautifully done river table is only achievable with the correct equipment and materials. Let’s take a closer look:

What is an Epoxy River Table?

Reason to Own an Epoxy Table

Supplies Needed to Make an Epoxy River Table

Epoxy resin is of course half of the table, so this is a supply you need to choose well. Epoxy resin is sensitive while curing but durable when finished.
Choose only the best quality of resin to ensure your table is going to look as perfect as possible. You need laminating resin for the last coat on top as well as casting resin to make the table itself.

What else do you need? In addition to the resin you are going to want to get the following. All of these are available in a well-stocked DIY shop or you can order them online from Amazon or similar:


  • Liquid color pigment in transparent
  • Metallic color pigment in turquoise
  • Liquid color pigment in matt blue
  • 64-ounce mixing cups with scale (or a bucket for mixing your resin)
  • Caulking gun
  • 100% silicon caulking
  • Duct tape
  • Silicone spray
  • Screws
  • MDF board
  • Wooden chisel
  • Soft mallet
  • F-clamps
  • Sandpaper
  • Polishing paste for glossy surfaces
  • Spirit level
  • Eye protection
  • Respirator mask
  • Folding carpenter’s ruler
  • Wood oil
  • Nitril gloves
  • Live Edge Wood Slab

Equipment and Hardware Needed

  • Cordless drill
  • Butane torch or heat gun
  • Paint mixer with a corded drill
  • Hot melt glue gun
  • Jigsaw
  • Plunge router
  • Orbitor polisher or buffer
  • Orbital sander


You might also want hardware to prepare the wood for yourself, in which case you will need a planning machine as well as a hand circular saw. The wood must be cut to the correct angle and length and divided in the middle before you start. You also have to plane it to get it to an even thickness. If you prefer not to do this or if you don’t want to buy these large machines, or if your wooden panel is huge, you can get a carpenter to get the wood sawed and planed to the right size. Alternatively, you can buy a board which has already been planed. Unless you are an experienced woodworker it is probably best to buy the wood already planed or else hire a carpenter to prepare it for you.

Choose the Right Live Edge Wood Slab For Your Epoxy Table

Working Environment

Clean & Seal Your Live Edge Wood Slab

Create Your Epoxy River Table Mold

Insert the Wood Slab to the Mold

Mix & Pour

Coloring the Resin & Making Effects

Sanding your River Table

Polishing & Oiling your Epoxy River Table

How to Apply a Clear Coat on a Epoxy River Table

What Kinds of Epoxy Resin River Tables Can You Make?

Small River Tables

Small river tables can fit a variety of usage. Above we can see a circular coffee river table that can also be used to embellish any living room or television room.

Live Edge Epoxy River Table

Live edge epoxy tables can be used as dining river tables & even meeting river tables. There are endless possibilities with these wonders!

Desk River Table

River table usage may expand into your working environment, event an epoxy office table can be a sight to behold!

River Table Questions

These tables typically sell for between $1,000 and $10,000 depending on the type of wood, how large the table is, and other factors as well. You should expect to pay at least $1,000 for a custom epoxy coffee table or at least $2,500 for a dinner table which is, of course, much larger.

It isn’t so straightforward to figure out how much epoxy resin you are going to need, but it is possible. The first thing to do is measure the length, depth and width of the space you are looking to fill. Next use an epoxy resin calculator to work out the quantity required.

Yes, you can add LED strips if you like. Make sure the temperature doesn’t get too high during casting else the casting resin might overheat and melt the LED strip. Fix the connectors properly so they can be connected later. Because you can’t change the lights after casting, ensure you are using good quality LED lights.

Crosscut tree slices can be used in a DIY resin table, as long as you ensure the wood is very well dried. You need to glue the disc top and bottom and then fill the cracks at least once. After that, use epoxy resin to seal the tree disc and finally mount the table legs.

I personally love to use River Table Epoxy Resin which has been around for years and yields excellent results when making river tables. This resin is crystal year, doesn’t turn yellow over time, and it’s easy to work with. It’s also a great price considering the excellent performance you can expect from it.

Epoxy Resin River Table Volume Calculator

Length Inches:

Width Inches:

Depth Inches:


Cubic Inches :

Gallon needed :

  • 0.75 Gallon (2.85 L)

  • 1.5 Gallon (5.7 L)

  • 3 Gallon (11.4 L)

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